X.1.3 Reporting with Annotated Images

The KO also allows the referencing of a Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS) instance for each selected image. A GSPS instance can be created by the workstation for annotation (“electronic grease pencil”) of the selected image, as well as to set the window width/window level, rotation/flip, and/or display area selection of the image attached to the report. The created GSPS instances are transferred to the image repository (PACS) and are referenced in the KO document.

As with image references, the report management system may include the GSPS instance references in the report. When the report is subsequently displayed, the reader may retrieve the referenced images together with the referenced GSPS, so that the image is displayed with the annotations and other GSPS display controls. See Figure X.1-3.

Note that the GSPS display controls can also be included in WADO hyperlinks and invoked from non-DICOM display stations.


Figure X.1-3 Reporting Data Flow with Image and Presentation/Annotation References