U.1.3 Routine Flourescein Exam

A routine fluorescein exam is ordered for one eye. The procedure includes:

  1. Routine stereo N-spot pictures of both eyes, routine external picture, and current IOP.

  2. Reference stereo picture of each eye using filtered lighting

  3. Fluorescein injection

  4. Capture of 20 stereo pairs with about 0.7 seconds between pictures in a pair and 3-5 seconds between pairs.

  5. Stereo pair capture of each eye at increasing intervals for the next 10 minutes, taking a total of 8 pairs for each eye.

The result is a study with:

  1. The usual 2N+1 pictures from the N-spot exam

  2. Four pictures taken with filtered lighting (documented in acquisition information) that constitute a stereo pair for each eye.

  3. 40 pictures (20 pairs) for one eye of near term fluorescein. These include the acquisition information, lighting context, and time stamp.

  4. 32 pictures (8 pairs for each eye) of long term fluorescein. These include acquisition information, lighting context, and time stamp.

  5. One Stereometric Relationship IOD, indicating which of the above OP instances should be used as stereo pairs.

The pictures of a) through d) may or may not be in the same series.