U.1.2 Routine N-spot exam with exceptions

A routine N-spot retinal photography exam is ordered for both eyes. During the exam a lesion is observed in the right eye. The lesion spans several spots, so an additional wide angle view is taken that captures the complete lesion. Additional narrow angle views of the lesion are captured in stereo. After completing the N-spot exam, several slit lamp pictures are taken to further detail the lesion outline.

The resulting study contains:

  1. 2N pictures of the retina and one external picture, one additional wide angle picture of the abnormal retina, 2M additional pictures for the stereo detail of the abnormal retina, and several slit lamp pictures of the abnormal eye. The different lenses and lighting parameters are documented in the acquisition information for each picture.

  2. One instance of a Stereometric Relationship IOD, indicating which of the stereo detail pictures above should be used as stereo pairs.

The pictures may or may not be in the same Series.