S.5.3.4 Descriptions of other devices

This device needs to be able to find the association acceptors (usually SCPs) that it will use during normal operation. These may need to be manually configured into the LDAP server. Their descriptions can be highly incomplete if these other devices are not managed devices. Only enough information is needed to meet the needs of this device. If this device is manually configured and makes no LDAP queries to find services, then none of the other device descriptions are needed.

There are some advantages to manually mantaining the LDAP database for unmanaged devices. This can document the manually assigned AE Titles. The service and network connection information can be very useful during network planning and troubleshooting. The database can also be useful during service operations on unmanaged devices as a documentation aid. The decision whether to use the LDAP database as a documentation aid often depends upon the features provided with the LDAP server. If it has good tools for manually updating the LDAP database and good tools for querying and reporting, it is often a good investment to create a manually maintained LDAP database.