R.3.1 Find AE When Given Device Type

The LDAP server supports simple relational queries. This query can be phrased:

Return devices where

DeviceType == <device type>

Then, for each of those devices, query

Return Network AE where

[ApplicationCluster == name]

The result will be the Network AE entries that match those two criteria. The first criteria selects the device type match. There are LDAP scoping controls that determine whether the queries search the entire enterprise or just this server. LDAP does not support complex queries, transactions, constraints, nesting, etc. LDAP cannot provide the hostnames for these Network AEs as part of a single query. Instead, the returned Network AEs will include the names of the network connections for each Network AE. Then the application would need to issue LDAP reads using the DN of the NetworkConnection objects to obtain the hostnames.