NN.4.3 Items From Different Parts in the Same Block

Figure NN.4-3 shows processing where more than one tissue item is embedded in the same block within the same Cassette, but coming from different clinical specimens (parts). This may represent different lymph nodes embedded into one cassette, or different tissue dice coming from different parts in a frozen section examination, or tissue from the proximal margin and from the distal margin, and both were placed in the same cassette. Because the laboratory wanted to maintain the sample as separate specimens (to maintain their identity), the LIS gave them different IDs and the tissue from Part A was inked blue and the tissue from Part B was inked red.

The specimen IDs must be different from each other and from the container (cassette) ID. The specimens may be localized, for example, by descriptive text “Red” and “Blue” for Visual Coding of Specimen.

If a section is made from the block, each tissue section will include fragments from two specimens (red and blue). The slide (container) ID will be different from the section id (which will be different form each other).

If the slide is imaged, a single image with more than one specimen may be created but the different specimens must be identified and unambiguously localized within the container.


Figure NN.4-3 Sampling for two specimens from different ancestors