NN.4.2 Multiple Items From Same Block

Figure NN.4-2 shows more than one tissue item on the same slide coming from the same block (but cut from different levels). The laboratory information system considers two tissue sections (on the same slide) to be separate specimens.

Two Specimen IDs will be assigned, different from the Container (Slide) ID. The specimens may be localized, for example, by descriptive text “Left” and “Right”.

If the slide is imaged, a single image with more than one specimen may be created. In this case, both specimens must be identified in the Specimen Sequence of the Specimen Module. If only one specimen is imaged, only its Specimen ID must be included in the Specimen Sequence; however, both IDs may be included (e.g., if the image acquisition system cannot determine which specimens in/on the container are in the field of view).


Figure NN.4-2 Container with two specimens from same parent