FFF. Derivation Image Macro Recommendations

The usage of this macro is recommended to encode the information of the different derivation processes and steps, as well as the source SOP instance(s) when the image or frame are derived from other SOP Instance(s).

Table FFF.2.4-9 DERIVATION IMAGE MACRO Recommendations

Attribute Name Tag Comment
Derivation Image Sequence (0008,9124) Contains one item per derivation process that led to this SOP Instance.
>Derivation Description (0008,2111) Free text description of this derivation process, typically for display purposes.
>Derivation Code Sequence (0008,9215) Contains as many items as derivation steps in this derivation process.
>Source Image Sequence (0008,2112) Contains one item per source SOP Instance used in this derivation process.

If this image is not derived from source SOP Instances, the Derivation Image macro is not present, and the XA/XRF Frame Characteristics macro is used instead.