FFF. XA/XRF Acquisition Module Recommendations

In order to check if a calibration is appropriate, certain values have to be set in the XA/XRF Acquisition Module.

Table FFF.2.4-3 XA/XRF ACQUISITION MODULE Recommendations

Attribute Name Tag Comment
X-Ray Receptor Type (0018,9420) Recommended in this scenario. The values IMG_INTENSIFIER or DIGITAL_DETECTOR can provide information about exactness of the image plane.
Positioner Type (0018,1508) Recommended in this scenario. The value of CARM is typically expected for equipment providing geometry information required for calibration.
C-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship (0018,9474) A value of YES is recommended in this scenario, to allow use of related information for calibration because table and gantry are geometrically aligned.