FFF. Contrast/Bolus Usage Macro Recommendations

The usage of this macro is recommended to specify the characteristics of the contrast per-frame.

Table FFF.2.1-48 CONTRAST/BOLUS USAGE MACRO Recommendations

Attribute Name Tag Comment
Contrast/Bolus Usage Sequence (0018,9341) One item per contrast agent used in this frame.
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Number (0018,9337) Contains the internal number of the agent administered as specified in the Enhanced Contrast/Bolus Module.
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Administered (0018,9342) The value “YES” indicates that the contrast may be visible on the frame, but not necessarily if the frame is acquired before the contrast reaches the imaged region.
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Detected (0018,9343) The value “YES” is used if the contrast is visible on that particular frame. Note that it is not expected to be YES if Contrast/Bolus Agent Administered (0018,9342) equals NO.