FFF. Field of View on Image Intensifier

This example illustrates the encoding of the dimensions of the intensifier device, the intensifier active area and the field of view in case of image intensifier.

In this example, the diameter of the maximum active area is 410 mm. The image acquisition is performed with an electron lens that focuses the photoelectron beam inside the intensifier so that an active area of 310 mm of diameter is projected on the output phosphor screen.

The X-Ray beam is projected on an area of the input phosphor screen of 300 mm of diameter, and the corresponding area on the output phosphor screen is digitized on a matrix of 1024 x1024 pixels. This results on a pixel spacing of the digitized matrix of 0.3413 mm.

The distance from the Receptor Plane to the Detector Housing in the direction from the intensifier to the X-Ray tube is 40 mm.

Below are the encoded values of the key attributes of this example:

Columns   (0028,0011) = 1024
X-Ray Receptor Type (0018,9420) = IMG_INTENSIFIER
Distance Receptor Plane to Detector Housing (0018,9426) = 40.0
Intensifier Size (0018,1162) = 410.0
Intensifier Active Shape (0018,9427) = ROUND
Intensifier Active Dimension(s) (0018,9428) = 310.0
  Item 1  
    >Field of View Sequence (0018,9432)  
      Item 1    
        >>Field of View Shape (0018,1147)
      Item 1    
        >>Imager Pixel Spacing (0018,1164)

Figure FFF.2.1-25 Attributes of the example of Field of View on Image Intensifier