FFF. X-Ray Image Intensifier Module Recommendations

When the X-Ray Receptor Type (0018,9420) equals “IMG_INTENSIFIER” this module specifies the type and characteristics of the image intensifier.


Figure FFF.2.1-23Schema of the Image Intensifier

The Intensifier Size (0018,1162) is defined as the physical diameter of the maximum active area of the image intensifier. The active area is the region of the input phosphor screen that is projected on the output phosphor screen. The image intensifier device may be configured for several predefined active areas to allow different levels of magnification.

The active area is described by the Intensifier Active Shape (0018,9427) and the Intensifier Active Dimension(s) (0018,9428).

The field of view area is a region equal to or smaller than the active area, and is defined as the region that is effectively irradiated by the X-Ray beam when there is no collimation. The stored image is the image resulting from digitizing the field of view area.

There is no attribute that relates the FOV origin to the intensifier. It is commonly assumed that the FOV area is centered in the intensifier.

The position of the projection of the isocenter on the active area is undefined. It is commonly understood that the X-Ray positioner is calibrated so that the isocenter is projected in the approximate center of the active area, and the field of view area is centered in the active area.