F.3.1 Example 1: Lung Nodule Detection with No Findings

A chest CAD device processes a typical screening chest case, i.e., there is one image and no nodule findings. Chest CAD runs lung nodule detection successfully and finds nothing.

The chest radiograph resembles:


Figure F.3-1: Chest radiograph as Described in Example 1

The content tree structure would resemble:

Node Code Meaning of Concept Name Code Meaning or Example Value TID
1 Chest CAD Report 4100
1.1 Image Library 4100
1.1.1 IMAGE 1 4020 Image View Postero-anterior 4020 Study Date 19980101 4020
1.2 CAD Processing and Findings Summary All algorithms succeeded; without findings 4101
1.3 Summary of Detections Succeeded 4100
1.3.1 Successful Detections 4015 Detection Performed Nodule 4017 Algorithm Name “Lung Nodule Detector” 4019 Algorithm Version “V1.3 4019 Reference to node 1.1.1 4017
1.4 Summary of Analyses Not Attempted 4100