DD.2.1 Introduction

This section provides an example of message sequencing when using the General Purpose Worklist SOP Classes. This section is not intended to provide an exhaustive set of use cases but rather an informative example. There are other valid message sequences that could be used to obtain an equivalent outcome and there are other valid combinations of actors that could be involved in the workflow management.


Figure DD.2-1 Example of General Purpose Worklist Message Sequencing

Figure DD.2-1 illustrates a message sequence example in the case where a General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step ( GP-SPS) is performed using a single General Purpose Performed Procedure Step ( GP-PPS) that completes normally. Further examples could be constructed for discontinued, unscheduled, group, cooperative and other use cases but are not considered in this informative section. Italic text in Figure DD.8-1 denote messages outside the scope of General Purpose Worklist that will typically be conveyed using other DICOM Services such as Storage, Storage Commitment and Query/Retrieve.

The Actors shown in Figure DD.2-1 are:

Acquisition Modality : Acquires the images that are input for the General Purpose steps

Archive : Stores SOP Instances (images, structured reports, etc)

Workflow Manager : Manages worklists and tracks performance of procedures

Performing Device : Performs the tasks specified by the worklist and creates results