CC.1.1 Push Model Example

Figure CC.1-1 is an example of the use of the Storage Commitment Push Model SOP Class.



Node A (an SCU) uses the services of the Storage Service Class to transmit one or more SOP Instances to Node B (1). Node A then issues an N-ACTION to Node B (an SCP) containing a list of references to SOP Instances, requesting that the SCP take responsibility for storage commitment of the SOP Instances (2). If the SCP has determined that all SOP Instances exist and that it has successfully completed storage commitment for the set of SOP Instances, it issues an N-EVENT-REPORT with the status successful (3) and a list of the stored SOP Instances. Node A now knows that Node B has accepted the commitment to store the SOP Instances. Node A might decide that it is now appropriate for it to delete its copies of the SOP Instances. The N-EVENT-REPORT may or may not occur on the same Association as the N-ACTION.

If the SCP determines that committed storage can for some reason not be provided for one or more SOP Instances referenced by the N-ACTION request, then instead of reporting success it would issue an N-EVENT-REPORT with a status of completed - failures exists. With the EVENT-REPORT it would include a list of the SOP Instances that were successfully stored and also a list of the SOP Instances for which storage failed.