C.6.4 Waveform Data

The DICOM binary encoding of data samples in the Waveform Data attribute (5400,1010) corresponds to the ASCII representation of data samples in the HL7 OBX Segment of subtype WAV. The same channel-interleaved multiplexing used in the HL7 MA (Multiplexed Array) Data Type is used in the DICOM Waveform Data attribute.

Because of its binary representation, DICOM uses several data elements to specify the precise encoding, as listed in the following Table. There are no corresponding HL7 data elements, since HL7 uses explicit character-delimited ASCII encoding of data samples.

Number of Waveform Channels (003A,0005)
Number of Waveform Samples (003A,0010)
Waveform Bits Stored (003A,021A)
Waveform Bits Allocated (5400,1004)
Waveform Sample Interpretation (5400,1006)
Waveform Padding Value (5400,100A)