AA.3.1 Basic Dose Reporting

This is the basic use case for electronic dose reporting. See Figure AA.3-1


Figure AA.3-1 Basic Dose Reporting

In this use case the user sets up the Acquisition Modality, and performs the study. The Modality captures the irradiation event exposure information, and encodes it together with the accumulated values in a Dose Report. The Modality may allow the user to review the dose report, and to add comments. The acquired images and Dose Report are sent to a Long-Term Storage system (e.g., PACS) that is capable of storing Dose Report objects.

A Display Station may retrieve the Dose Report from the Storage system, and display it. Because the X-Ray Radiation Dose SR object is a proper subset of the Enhanced SR object, the Display Station may render it using the same functionality as used for displaying any Enhanced SR object.