TID 8002 Specimen Sampling

TID 8002Specimen SamplingType: Extensible Order: Significant

Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CODE DT (111704, DCM, “Sampling Method”) 1 M BCID (8110) Specimen Sampling Procedure
2 TEXT DT (111705, DCM, “Parent Specimen Identifier”) 1 M
3 TEXT DT (111706, DCM, “Issuer of Parent Specimen Identifier”) 1 U
4 CODE DT (111707, DCM, “Parent specimen type”) 1 M BCID (8103) Anatomic Pathology Specimen Types
5 TEXT DT (111708, DCM, “Position Frame of Reference”) 1 U
6 TEXT DT (111709, DCM, “Location of sampling site”) 1 U
7 NUMERIC DT (111710, DCM, “Location of sampling site X offset”) 1 U
8 NUMERIC DT (111711, DCM, “Location of sampling site Y offset”) 1 U
9 NUMERIC DT (111712, DCM, “Location of sampling site Z offset”) 1 U
10 IMAGE DT (111709, DCM, “Location of sampling site”) 1 U

Content Item Descriptions

Row 3 The Issuer of Specimen Identifier shall be formatted in accordance with the HL7 v2 Hierarchic Designator data type (see HL7 v2.6 Section 2.A.33), i.e., [Namespace ID]^[Universal ID^Universal ID Type]
Row 5 Description of coordinate system and origin reference point on parent specimen or parent specimen container used for localizing the sampling site
Rows 7-9 The X, Y and Z locations are used as needed to describe the sampling site; not all may be needed. E.g., resection from 10 cm along the colon may be described as only a Y dimension location.
Row 10 Reference to image of parent specimen localizing the sampling site; may include referenced Presentation State object