TID 8001 Specimen Preparation

This template describes a single specimen preparation step.

TID 8001Specimen PreparationType: Extensible Order: Significant

Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 TEXT EV (121041, DCM, "Specimen Identifier”) 1 M
2 TEXT EV (111724, DCM, “Issuer of Specimen Identifier”) 1 U
3 CODE EV (111701, DCM, “Processing type”) 1 M DCID (8111) Specimen Preparation Procedure
4 DATETIME DT (111702, DCM, “Datetime of processing”) 1 U
5 TEXT DT (111703, DCM, “Processing step description”) 1 U
6 CODE DT (111703, DCM, “Processing step description”) 1 U DCID (8113) Specimen Preparation Steps
7 CODE DT (P3-02000, SRT, “Specimen Collection”) 1 MC IFF Row 3 Processing Type value is (P3-02000, SRT, “Specimen Collection”) BCID (8109) Specimen Collection Procedure
8 INCLUDE DTID (8002) Specimen Sampling 1 MC IFF Row 3 Processing Type value is (P3-4000A, SRT, “Specimen Sampling”)
9 INCLUDE DTID (8003) Specimen Staining 1 MC IFF Row 3 Processing type value is (P3-00003, SRT, Staining
10 CODE DT (F-6221B, SRT, “Tissue Fixative”) 1 U BCID (8114) Specimen Fixatives
11 CODE DT (F-6221A, SRT, “Embedding medium”) 1 U BCID (8115) Specimen Embedding Media

Content Item Descriptions

Row 1 For sampling steps (which create a child specimen from a parent), the ID is that of the child specimen. For other preparation steps, the ID of a specimen does not change during the processing.
Row 2 The issuer shall be formatted in accordance with the HL7v2 Hierarchic Designator Data Type. That format is [Namespace ID]^[Universal ID^Universal ID Type], where Namespace ID identifies an entity within the local namespace or domain, Universal ID is a universal or unique identifier for an entity, and Universal ID Type specifies the standard format of the Universal ID (see HL7 v2 Section 2.A.33).