TID 5101 Vascular Patient Characteristics

Patient Characteristic concepts in this template, which may replicate attributes in the Patient Study Module, are included here as possible targets of by-reference relationships from other content items in the SR tree.

Note: Several of the concepts in this template duplicate concepts in TID 1007 “Subject Context, Patient”. The difference in use is that this template has those concepts as primary observations of the patient, while in TID 1007 the concepts are used to set (or reset) the context for other observations.

TID 5101Vascular Patient CharacteristicsType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Rel with Parent VT Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER EV (121118, DCM, “Patient Characteristics”) 1 M
2 > CONTAINS NUM EV (121033, DCM, "Subject Age”) 1 U Units = DCID (7456) Units of Measure for Age
3 > CONTAINS CODE EV (121032, DCM, "Subject Sex”) 1 U DCID (7455) Sex
4 > CONTAINS NUM EV (8867-4, LN, “Heart Rate”) 1 U
5 > CONTAINS NUM EV (F-008EC, SRT, “Systolic Blood Pressure”) 1 U
6 > CONTAINS NUM EV (F-008ED, SRT, "Diastolic Blood Pressure") 1 U