TID 5008 Fetal Biometry Group

The Biometry Group template is container for a biometric value and its associated growth metrics.

TID 5008 Parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Usage
$BiometryType The concept name of the biometry measurement

TID 5008 FETAL BIOMETRY GROUPType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER DT(125005, DCM, ”Biometry Group”) 1 M
2 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (300) Measurement 1-n MC At least one of row 2 and 3 shall be present $Measurement = $BiometryType $Derivation = DCID (3627) Measurement Type
3 > CONTAINS NUM EV (18185-9, LN, ”Gestational Age”) 1 MC At least one of row 2and 3 shall be present Units= EV (d,UCUM, days)
4 >> INFERRED FROM CODE DCID (228) Equation or Table 1 U DCID (12013) Gestational Age Equations and Tables
6 >> HAS PROPERTIES NUM DCID (226) Population Statistical Descriptors 1-n U
7 > CONTAINS NUM DCID (12017) Growth Distribution Rank 1 U
8 >> INFERRED FROM CODE DCID (228) Equation or Table 1 U DCID (12015) Fetal Growth Equations and Tables

Content Item Descriptions

Row 1 Container to segregate biometry data by measurement type
Row 2 The discrete measurements of the biometry type including derived measurements such as mean. One of the measurements may be flagged as selected for derived measurements.
Row 3 The estimated gestational age derived from an equation or table based on the explicitly referenced R-INFERRED FROM content item, selected measurement or mean, in that order of preference.
Row 4 The reference that defines the equation or table of GA derivation
Row 6 The uncertainty/confidence limits of the gestational age
Row 7 Expresses the rank of the selected or mean measurement of row 2 relative to the distribution specified in row 8.
Row 8 This row specifies the CODE reference used to compute the percentile or Z-score.