TID 4128 Colon CAD Descriptors

This template provides qualitative detail for a Single Image Finding or Composite Feature. It is applied to Colon CAD Composite Feature (TID 4125) and Colon CAD Single Image Finding (TID 4127).


Type: Non-Extensible Order: Significant

NL Rel with Parent VT Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CODE EV (G-C504, SRT, “Associated Morphology”) 1-n U DCID (6209) Colon Morphology Descriptor
2 CODE EV (G-C036, SRT, “Finding Site”) 1 U DCID (6210) Location in Intestinal Tract
3 CODE EV (111014, DCM, “Clockface or region”) 1 U DCID (6205) Clockface Location for Colon
4 CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (300) Measurement 1-n U $Measurement = DCID (6212) Calculated Value for Colon Findings $Derivation = DCID (6140) Calculation Methods $DerivationParameter = EV (112032, DCM, “Threshold Attenuation Coefficient”) $DerivationParameterUnits = EV ([hnsf’U], UCUM, “Hounsfield unit”)
5 INCLUDE DTID (1400) Linear Measurement 1-n U
6 INCLUDE DTID (1401) Area Measurement 1-n U
7 INCLUDE DTID (1402) Volume Measurement 1-n U
8 INCLUDE DTID (1406) 3D Linear Measurement 1-n U
9 NUM DCID (6141) Attenuation Coefficient Measurements 1-n U UNITS = EV ([hnsf’U], UCUM, “Hounsfield unit”)
10 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (112009, DCM, “Type of Content”) 1 U DCID (6211) Colon CAD Material Description

Content Item Descriptions

Row 3 12 o’clock position is the anterior direction of the patient regardless of the positioning with respect to gravity; clockwise is from the point of view of an observer located closer to the anus than the finding being observed.