TID 4120 Colon CAD Document Root Template

This template forms the top of a content tree that allows a colon CAD device to describe the results of detection and analysis of colon evidence. This template, together with its subordinate templates, describes both the results for presentation to radiologists and partial product results for consumption by colon CAD devices in subsequent colon CAD reports.

This template defines a Container that contains the CAD results and summaries of the detection and analysis algorithms performed.

The atomic CAD results of Single Image Findings and Composite Features are described in the Colon CAD Findings Summary sub-tree.

The Summary of Detections and Summary of Analyses sub-trees gather lists of algorithms attempted, grouped by success/failure status. Algorithms not attempted are not mentioned in these sub-trees. This information forms the basis for understanding why a colon CAD report may produce no (or fewer than anticipated) results. Colon CAD results are constructed bottom-up, starting from Single Image Findings (see TID 4127), associated as Composite Features (see TID 4125).

See the figure entitled “Top Levels of Colon CAD SR Content Tree” in the “Colon CAD” Annex of PS 3.17.


Type: Non-Extensible Order: Significant

NL Rel with Parent VT Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER EV (112220, DCM, “Colon CAD Report”) 1 M
2 > HAS CONCEPT MOD INCLUDE DTID (1204) Language of Content Item and Descendants 1 M
3 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (4122) CAD Common Image Properties Entry 1-n M
4 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (4121) Colon CAD Findings Summary 1 M
5 > CONTAINS CODE EV (111064, DCM, “Summary of Detections”) 1 M DCID (6042) Status of Results
6 >> INFERRED FROM INCLUDE DTID (4015) CAD Detections Performed 1 MC Shall be present unless the value of row 5 is (111225, DCM, “Not Attempted”) $DetectionCode = DCID (6201) Colon Finding or Feature
7 > CONTAINS CODE EV (111065, DCM, “Summary of Analyses”) 1 M DCID (6042) Status of Results
8 >> INFERRED FROM INCLUDE DTID (4016) CAD Analyses Performed 1 MC Shall be present unless the value of row 7 is (111225, DCM, “Not Attempted”) $AnalysisCode = DCID (6137) Types of CAD Analysis

Content Item Descriptions

Detections Performed The “Detections Performed” and “Analyses Performed” sections of the Content Tree (TID 4120, rows 6 and 8) together shall reference all Image SOP Instances included in the Current Requested Procedure Evidence Sequence (0040,A375) attribute of the SR Document General module.
Analyses Performed