TID 4001 Mammography CAD Overall Impression/Recommendation Template

This template forms the top of the mammography CAD results sub-tree. The contents of this template describe the overall impression the mammography CAD device had for the mammographic evidence presented and any recommendations that the mammography CAD device made. The details of the overall impression and recommendation are expressed in this instance of the Mammography CAD Impression/Recommendation Body (see TID 4002). The data from which the details are inferred, are expressed in the Mammography CAD Individual Impression/Recommendations (see TID 4003), of which there may be several.


NL Rel with Parent VT Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CODE EV (111017, DCM, “CAD Processing and Findings Summary”) 1 M DCID (6047) CAD Processing and Findings Summary
2 > HAS PROPERTIES INCLUDE DTID (4002) Mammography CAD Impression/Recommendation Body” 1 U
3 > INFERRED FROM INCLUDE DTID (4003) Mammography CAD Individual Impression/Recommendation 1-n MC Shall be present if 1 or more (111059, DCM, “Single Image Finding”) or (111015, DCM, “Composite Feature”) content items are reported.

Content Item Descriptions

CAD Processing and Findings Summary This code value is used to express if and why the Overall Impression/Recommendation sub-tree is empty. The Summary of Detections and Summary of Analyses sub-trees of the Document Root node contain detail about which (if any) algorithms succeeded or failed. If the code value indicates that there were no findings, then the code value can be used to determine whether mammography CAD processing occurred successfully, without parsing the Summary of Detections and Summary of Analyses sub-trees.
Row 3 There are no constraints regarding the 1-n multiplicity of the inclusion of TID 4003 or its underlying structure, other than the TID 4001 and TID 4003 requirements. Individual Impression/Recommendation containers may be organized, for example per image, per finding or composite feature, or some combination thereof.