TID 3817 Coronary Arteriography Findings

The information contained here about with regards to coronary artery lesions is relatively qualitative in nature. It is a high-level summary of the more detailed information that may be contained in an optional Quantitative Coronary Arteriography report. This template addresses findings about the individual arteries (Row 4), and about individual lesions (Row 9).

TID 3817 Coronary Arteriography FindingsType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINS CONTAINER EV (121070, DCM, "Findings") 1 M
2 > HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (121058, DCM, ”Procedure reported”) 1 M BCID (3428) Imaging Procedures
3 > HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (G-C0E3, SRT, “Finding Site”) 1 U BCID (3630) Cardiovascular Anatomic Locations
4 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3819) Common Findings 1-n M