TID 3809 Other Interventional Procedures

TID 3809Other Interventional ProceduresType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER EV (121064, DCM, "Current Procedure Descriptions") 1 M
2 > HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (121058, DCM, ”Procedure reported”) 1 M BCID (3406) Non-Coronary Transcatheter Interventions
3 > CONTAINS TEXT EV (121065, DCM, "Procedure Description") 1 U
4 > CONTAINS CODE DT (121065, DCM, "Procedure Description") 1 U No BCID
5 > CONTAINS TEXT DT (122177, DCM, "Procedure Result") 1 U

Content Item Descriptions

Rows 3 and 4 allow the recording of procedure description as either code or as text; the same description shall not be recorded as both.