TID 3509 Blood Velocity Measurement

The Blood Velocity Measurement template consists of a CONTAINER, with an acquisition context of the measurement anatomic site, and containing primary (not derived) velocity measurements, e.g., from a Doppler catheter. Derived velocity measurements may be recorded using TID 3560.

TID 3509Blood Velocity MeasurementType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER EV (122124, DCM, “Blood velocity measurements") 1 M
2 > INCLUDE DTID (3530) Hemodynamic Acquisition Context 1 M $LocationName = EV (G-C0E9, SRT, “Procedure site”) $LocationValue = BCID (3606) Arterial source locations
3 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (300) Measurement 1-n M $Measurement = DCID (3612) Blood Velocity Measurements $Units = EV (mm/s, UCUM, "mm/s")
4 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3550) Pressure waveform measurements 1-n U