TID 3110 Impressions or Findings

The Impressions or Findings Template allows the recording of unconfirmed (provisional) impressions or findings noted during the procedure. It is not intended to convey the Cath Lab Clinical Report (the formal report from the performing physician), although it may be used (like any Procedure Log entry) for the subsequent construction of the Cath Lab Clinical Report.

A finding that is supported by a specific image frame may reference that image in the INFERRED FROM / IMAGE row of the included TID 3010 Log Entry Qualifiers template.

TID 3110 Impressions or FindingsType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CODE EV (121071, DCM, "Finding") 1 U BCID (3728) Cath Findings
2 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (G-C197, SRT, "Severity") 1 U DCID (3716) Severity
3 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (G-C0E3, SRT, “Finding Site”) 1 U
4 >> HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (G-A1F8, SRT, “Topographical modifier") 1 U DCID (3019) Cardio-vascular Anatomic Location Modifiers
5 > INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U
6 TEXT BCID (3419) Findings Titles 1 U
7 > INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U

Content Item Descriptions

Row 3 Finding Site has no Baseline Context ID specified. Typically terms would be drawn from coronary segments, other arterial segments, myocardial segments, etc.