TID 3105 Lesion Identification and Properties

The Lesion Identification and Properties Template allows recording the identification of each lesion addressed in a procedure. The lesion identifier may be used to relate diagnostic or therapeutic actions with their target lesion (see Row 4 in TID 3010 Log Entry Qualifiers). This content item may include the initial visually estimated measurements of stenosis or TIMI flow; measured values from a quantitative measurement report may be referenced indirectly (through TID 3103 Referenced Object), or by quotation (TID 3109 Measurements template). Subsequent (e.g., post-intervention) stenosis measurements may be encoded using TID 3109 Measurements, with the Lesion Identifier conveyed through its subsidiary TID 3010 Log Entry Qualifiers template.

TID 3105Lesion Identification and PropertiesType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 TEXT EV (121151, DCM, “Lesion Identifier") 1 M Up to 3 numeric characters
2 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (G-C0E3, SRT, “Finding Site”) 1 M DCID (3604) Arterial lesion locations
3 >> HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (G-A1F8, SRT, “Topographical modifier") 1 U DCID (3019) Cardio-vascular Anatomic Location Modifiers
4 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (121153, DCM, “Lesion Risk") 1 U DCID (3418) Lesion Risk
5 > HAS PROPERTIES NUM (R-101BB, SRT, “Lumen Diameter Stenosis”) 1 U UNITS = EV (%, UCUM, "%")
6 >> HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (G-72BB, SRT, “Catheterization Procedure Phase”) 1 M EV (G-7293, SRT, “Baseline Phase”)
7 >> HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (121401, DCM, “Derivation”) 1 U DCID (3745) Calculation Method
8 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (122109, DCM, "Baseline TIMI Flow") 1 UC IFF Row 2 specifies a coronary artery DCID (3713) TIMI Flow Characteristics
9 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (122131, DCM, "Degree of Thrombus") 1 U DCID (3714) Thrombus
10 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (F-01740, SRT, “Lesion Margin Characteristics”) 1 U DCID (3715) Lesion Margin
11 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (122134, DCM, "Vessel Morphology") 1-n U DCID (3712) Vessel Descriptors
12 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (122132, DCM, "Severity of Calcification") 1 U DCID (3716) Severity
13 > HAS PROPERTIES IMAGE DT (121080, DCM, "Best illustration of finding" 1 U
14 > INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U

Content Item Descriptions

Row 1 Lesion Identifier is specified as a numeric text string in order to facilitate transcoding to DICOM Attribute (0018,3105) Lesion Number and to formats for outcomes registries, such as the ACC National Cardiovascular Data Registry™.