TID 3102 Waveform Acquisition

The Waveform Acquisition Template allows recording of the essential parameters of a digital waveform acquired during the procedure.

TID 3102Waveform AcquisitionType: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 WAVEFORM EV (121143, DCM, “Waveform Acquired”) 1 M
2 > HAS ACQ CONTEXT CODE EV (121139, DCM, “Modality”) 1 M DCID (29) Acquisition Modality Derived from referenced waveform SOP Instance attribute (0008,0060)
3 > HAS ACQ CONTEXT NUM EV (121142, DCM, “Acquisition Duration”) 1 U
4 > INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U