TID 3001 Procedure Log

The Procedure Log template is intended for the representation of reports or logs of time-stamped events occurring during an image-guided interventional or other procedure.

This Template does not require a particular ordering of the subsidiary Content Items.

Notes: 1. The Procedure Log IOD (PS3.3) requires ordering by Observation DateTime; thus log entries of different types (i.e., specified by different Rows in the Template) may appear in any order.2. While this Template is extensible, the Procedure Log IOD forbids Container Content Items subsidiary to the top level Container.

TID 3001 Procedure Log Type: Extensible Order: Non-Significant

NL Relation with Parent Value Type Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER DCID (3400) Procedure Log Titles 1 M
2 > INCLUDE DTID (1002) Observer Context 1-n M
3 > INCLUDE DTID (3601) Procedure Context 1 M
4 > HAS ACQ CONTEXT TEXT EV (121121, DCM, "Room identification") 1 U
5 > HAS ACQ CONTEXT TEXT EV (121122, DCM, "Equipment identification") 1-n U
6 > CONTAINS TEXT DCID (3401) Types of Log Notes 1-n U
7 >> INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U
8 > CONTAINS CODE EV (121123, DCM, “Patient Status or Event”) 1-n U DCID (3402) Patient Status and Events
9 >> INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U
10 > CONTAINS PNAME DCID (3404) Staff Actions 1-n U
11 >> INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U
12 > CONTAINS TEXT DCID (3427) Equipment Events 1-n U Equipment identifier
13 >> INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U
14 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3100) Procedure Action 1-n U
15 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3101) Image Acquisition 1-n U
16 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3102) Waveform Acquisition 1-n U
17 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3103) Referenced Object 1-n U
18 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3104) Consumables 1-n U
19 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3105) Lesion Identification and Properties 1-n U
20 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3106) Drugs/Contrast Administered 1-n U
21 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3107) Device Used 1-n U
22 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3108) Intervention 1-n U
23 > CONTAINS CODE EV (DD-60002, SRT, “Complication of Procedure”) 1-n U DCID (3413) Adverse Outcomes
24 >> INCLUDE DTID (3010) Log Entry Qualifiers 1 U
25 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3109) Measurements 1-n U
26 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3110) Impressions or Findings 1-n U
27 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3111) Percutaneous Entry 1-n U
28 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3112) Specimen Obtained 1-n U
29 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3113) Patient Support 1-n U
30 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3114) Patient assessment 1-n U
31 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (3115) ECG ST assessment 1-n U

Content Item Descriptions

Row 2 includes TID 1002 Observer Context. TID 1002 shall be used to record the identity of the person responsible for recording the log, as well as all other participants in the procedure, even though these personnel may not technically be "observers" of the Procedure Log. As participants in the procedure, they are potential sources for events and observations recorded in the Log. TID 1002 allows the specification of the person’s role in the organization (e.g., physician, nurse), as well as the role in the procedure (e.g., circulating, performing, etc.).

Row 5 shall be used to record the identity of the major equipment used in the procedure.

Row 6 may be used to record any event not covered by a specific log entry template.