TID 1020 Person Participant

This template describes a person participating in an activity as other than an observer or subject. E.g. for a dose report documenting an irradiating procedure, participants include the person administering the irradiation and the person authorizing the irradiation.

This Template is included with specific contextual parameters from a parent Template.

TID 1020 Parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Usage
$PersonProcedureRole Coded term or Context Group for the Concept Name that describes the nature of the person’s participation in this procedure.

TID 1020 PERSON PARTICIPANT Type: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Rel with Parent VT Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 PNAME EV (113870,DCM, “Person Name”) 1 M
2 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (113875,DCM, “Person Role in Procedure”) 1 M $PersonProcedureRole
3 > HAS PROPERTIES TEXT EV (113871,DCM, ”Person ID”) 1 U
4 > HAS PROPERTIES TEXT EV (113872,DCM, ”Person ID Issuer”) 1 U
5 > HAS PROPERTIES TEXT EV (113873,DCM, “Organization Name”) 1 U
6 > HAS PROPERTIES CODE EV (113874,DCM, “Person Role in Organization”) 1 U BCID (7452) Organizational Roles

Content Item Descriptions

Row 1 The name of the person participating in the role identified in Row 2.
Row 2 The procedural role played by the person in this procedure.
Row 6 The organizational role played by the person in the organization.