TID 10002 Accumulated X-Ray Dose

This general template provides detailed information on projection X-Ray dose value accumulations over several irradiation events from the same equipment (typically a study or a performed procedure step).

Parameter Name Parameter Usage
$Plane Coded term identifying to which acquisition plane the encoded information belongs.

TID 10002 ACCUMULATED X-RAY DOSE Type: Extensible Order: Significant

NL Rel with Parent VT Concept Name VM Req Type Condition Value Set Constraint
1 CONTAINER EV (113702, DCM, ”Accumulated X-Ray Dose Data”) 1 M
2 > HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (113764, DCM, “Acquisition Plane” 1 M $Plane
3 > CONTAINS CONTAINER EV (122505, DCM, “Calibration”) 1-n MC IFF Calibration Data is available
4 >> HAS CONCEPT MOD CODE EV (113794, DCM, “Dose Measurement Device”) 1 M DCID (10010) Dose Measurement Devices
5 >> CONTAINS DATETIME EV (113723, DCM, “Calibration Date”) 1 M
6 >> CONTAINS NUM EV (122322, DCM, “Calibration Factor”) 1 M Units = EV (1, UCUM, “no units”)
7 >> CONTAINS NUM EV (113763, DCM, “Calibration Uncertainty”) 1 M Units = EV (%, UCUM, “Percent”)
8 >> CONTAINS TEXT EV (113724, DCM, “Calibration Responsible Party”) 1 M
9 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (10004) Accumulated Projection X-Ray Dose 1 MC XOR row 10, IFF TID (10001) Row 2 = (113704, DCM, “Projection X-Ray”)
10 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (10005) Accumulated Mammography X-Ray Dose 1 MC XOR row 9, IFF TID (10001) Row 2 = (P5-40010, SRT, “Mammography”)
11 > CONTAINS INCLUDE DTID (1021) Device Participant 1 MC Required if the irradiating device is not the recording device and the dose was accumulated on a single device. $DeviceProcedureRole = EV (113859, DCM, “Irradiating Device”)

Content Item Descriptions

Row 5 Date that the calibration of the equipment’s dose indicators was performed
Row 6 Factor by which the measured dose area product total was multiplied to obtain the Dose Area Product Total (Row 10).
Row 7 Value range from 0 to 100 percent. Uncertainty of the ‘actual’ value expressed as +/- of the mean.
Row 8 Identifies Individual or organization responsible for calibration
Row 11 The device which produced the irradiation accumulated in this template. I.e. the X-Ray source. This is not required to be present if the information is the same as that already recorded in the Device Observer Context (TID 1004) encoded via the inclusion of Observer Context (TID 1002) in TID 10001 Row 4, which in turn may be absent if identical to the content in the Enhanced General Equipment Module, or if more than one device produced the accumulated irradiation.