Annex I Relationship of Endoscopy Procedures to Anatomic Regions (Informative)

The table in this Annex provides examples of the common nomenclature for the type of endoscopy performed, and the code value suggested for use for anatomic region in CID 4040.

Coding Scheme Designator (0008,0102) Code Value (0008,0100) Code Meaning (0008,0104) Example of the type of endoscopy for which this region is applicable (informative)
SRT T-D4000 Abdomen Laparoscopy
SRT T-59490 Anus, rectum and sigmoid colon Rectosigmoidoscopy
SRT T-60610 Bile duct
SRT T-74000 Bladder Cystoscopy
SRT T-DD123 Bladder and urethra Panendoscopy (urethrocystoscopy)
SRT T-26000 Bronchus Bronchoscopy
SRT T-83200 Cervix Colposcopy
SRT T-D3000 Chest Thoracoscopy
SRT T-DD163 Esophagus, stomach and duodenum Upper gastrointestinaI endoscopy
SRT T-AB200 External auditory canal Otoscopy
SRT T-63000 Gall bladder Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
SRT T-D7000 Inguinal region Endoscopic inguinal hernia repair
SRT T-15001 Joint Arthroscopy
SRT T-71000 Kidney Percutaneous renal endoscopy
SRT T-D9200 Knee Arthroscopy of knee
SRT T-59000 Large intestine Colonoscopy
SRT T-24100 Larynx Laryngoscopy
SRT T-40230 Lumen of blood vessel Endoluminal (intravascular) endoscopy
SRT T-D3300 Mediastinum Mediastinoscopy
SRT T-2300C Naso pharynx Naso pharyngoscopy
SRT T-22000 Paranasal sinus Endoscopic sinus surgery
SRT T-55002 Pharynx Pharyngoscopy
SRT T-20101 Pharynx and larynx Laryngopharyngoscopy
SRT T-59600 Rectum Proctoscopy
SRT T-D2220 Shoulder Arthroscopy of shoulder
SRT T-59470 Sigmoid colon Sigmoidoscopy
SRT T-D0146 Spine Spinal endoscopy
SRT T-DD006 Trachea and bronchus Tracheobronchoscopy
SRT T-70010 Upper urinary tract Percutaneous or retrograde ureteric and renal endoscopy
SRT T-73800 Ureter Percutaneous or retrograde ureteric endoscopy
SRT T-88920 Uterus and fallopian tubes Culdoscopy