6.1.8 Condition

The Condition field specifies any conditions upon which presence or absence of the Content Item or its values depends. This field specifies any Concept Name(s) or Values upon which there are dependencies.

References in Condition statements to coded concepts or values, whether to select a content item to test or to specify a value to test against, are of the form (CV, CSD, “CM”). As is always the case for coded entries, the matching is performed against CV and CSD, irrespective of the string value of CM.

References may also be made to row numbers (e.g. to specify exclusive OR conditions that span multiple rows of a Template table) .

The following abbreviations are used:

XOR = Exclusive OR. One and only one row shall be selected from mutually-exclusive options.

Note: For example, if one of rows 1, 2, 3 or 4 may be included, then for row 2, the abbreviation “XOR rows 1,3,4” is specified for the condition.

IF = Shall be present if the condition is TRUE; may be present otherwise.

IFF = If and only if . Shall be present if the condition is TRUE; shall not be present otherwise.