6.1.2 Nesting Level (NL)

The nesting level of Content Items is denoted by “>” symbols, one per level of nesting below the initial Source Content Item (of the Template) in a manner similar to the depiction of nested Sequences of Items in Modules Tables in PS 3.3. When it is necessary to specify the Target Content Item(s) of a relationship, they are specified in the row(s) immediately following the corresponding Source Content Item. The Nesting Level of a Target Content Item is one greater than the Nesting Level of the corresponding (parent) Source Content Item. The Content Item specified in row 1 of a Template Table is at the top level (i.e. no “>” symbol is ever present in the NL field for the first Content Item in the table).

Acquisition context templates have no Nesting Level field. Protocol Context templates allow a single Nesting Level implemented through the Content Item Modifier Sequence (see PS3.3).