H.1.4.4 Maintain LDAP Server

The LDAP server shall support a separate manual or automated means of maintaining the LDAP database contents. The LDAP server shall support the RFC-2849 file format mechanism for updating the LDAP database. The LDAP Client or service installation tools shall provide RFC-2849 formatted files to update LDAP server databases manually. The LDAP server may refuse client network updates for security reasons. If this is the case, then the maintenance process will be used to maintain the LDAP database.

The manual update procedures are not specified other than the requirement above that at least the minimal LDAP information exchange file format from RFC 2849 be supported. The exact mechanisms for transferring this information remain vendor and site specific. In some situations, for example the creation of AE-titles, a purely manual update mechanism may be easier than exchanging files.

The conformance statement shall document the mechanisms available for transferring this information. Typical mechanisms include:

  1. floppy disk

  2. CD-R

  3. SSH

  4. Secure FTP

  5. FTP

  6. email

  7. HTTPS

Notes: 1. There are many automated and semi-automatic tools for maintaining LDAP databases. Many LDAP servers provide GUI interfaces and updating tools. The specifics of these tools are outside the scope of DICOM. The LDAP RFC-2849 requires at least a minimal data exchange capability. There are also XML based tools for creating and maintaining these files.

2. This mechanism may also be highly effective for preparing a new network installation by means of a single pre-planned network configuration setup rather than individual machine updates.