H. Special Update for Network AE Creation

The creation of a new Network AE requires special action. The following steps shall be followed:

  1. A tentative AE title shall be selected. Various algorithms are possible, ranging from generating a random name to starting with a preset name template and incrementing a counter field. The client may query the Unique AE Titles Registry sub-tree to obtain the complete list of names that are presently in use as part of this process.

  2. A new Unique AE Title object shall be created in the Unique AE Titles Registry portion of the hierarchy with the tentative name. The LDAP server enforces uniqueness of names at any specific point in the hierarchy.

  3. If the new object creation was successful, this shall be the AE Title used for the new Network AE.

  4. If the new object creation fails due to non-unique name, return to a) and select another name.