H.1.4.2 Query LDAP Server

H. Scope

The RFC-2251 “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3)” specifies a mechanism for making queries of a database corresponding to an LDAP schema. The LDAP client can compose requests in the LDAP query language, and the LDAP server will respond with the results for a single request.

H. Use Case Roles


Figure H.1-5 Query LDAP Server

LDAP Server Provides query response

LDAP Client Requests LDAP information

H. Referenced Standards

RFC-2251 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3). LDAP support requires compliance with other RFC’s invoked by reference.

H. Interaction Description

The LDAP client may make a wide variety of queries and cascaded queries using LDAP. The LDAP client and server shall support the Application Configuration Data Model .

Note: Multiple LDAP servers providing access to a common replicated LDAP database is a commonly supported configuration. This permits LDAP servers to be located where appropriate for best performance and fault tolerance. The replications rules chosen for the LDAP servers affect the visible data consistency. LDAP permits inconsistent views of the database during updates and replications.