H.1.1.4 Transfer Capabilities

Each Network AE object has one or more Transfer Capabilities. Each transfer capability specifies the SOP class that the Network AE can support, the mode that it can utilize (SCP or SCU), and the Transfer Syntax(es) that it can utilize. A Network AE that supports the same SOP class in both SCP and SCU modes will have two Transfer Capabilities objects for that SOP class.

Table H.1-7 Attributes of Transfer Capability Object

Information Field Multiplicity Description
Common Name 0..1 An arbitrary name for the Transfer Capability object. Can be a meaningful name or any unqiue sequence of characters. Can be used as the RDN.
SOP Class 1 SOP Class UID
Role 1 Either “SCU” or “SCP”
Transfer Syntax 1..N The transfer syntax(es) that may be requested as an SCU or that are offered as an SCP.