F.1.2 Configure DHCP Server

F.1.2.1 Scope

The DHCP server shall be configurable by site administration so that

  1. DHCP clients can be added and removed.

  2. DHCP clients configurations can be modified to set values for attributes used in later transactions.

  3. pre-allocation of fixed IP addresses for DHCP clients is supported

This standard does not specify how this configuration is to be performed.

Note: Most DHCP servers support the pre-allocation of fixed IP addresses to simplify the transition process for legacy systems. This permits a particular device to switch to DHCP while retaining the previously assigned IP address. This enables the use of a central site management of IP addresses without breaking compatibility with older systems that require fixed IP addresses.

F.1.2.2 Use Case Roles


Figure F.1-3 Configure DHCP Server

Actor: DHCP Server

Role: Maintains internal configuration files.

Actor: Site Administrator

Role: Updates configuration information to add, modify, and remove descriptions of clients and servers.

Actor: Service Staff

Role: Provides initial configuration requirements for many devices when installing a new network, and for individual devices when installing or modifying a single device.

F.1.2.3 Referenced Standards