A.5.2.2 AlternativeUserID

If the participant is a person, then Alternative User ID shall be the identifier used for that person within an enterprise for authentication purposes, for example, a Kerberos Username (user@realm). If the participant is a DICOM application, then Alternative User ID shall be one or more of the AE Titles that participated in the event. Multiple AE titles shall be encoded as:

AETITLES= aetitle1;aetitle2;…

When importing or exporting data, e.g. by means of media, the Alternative UserID field is used either to identify people or to identify the media itself. When the Role ID Code is (110154, DCM, “Destination Media”) or (110155, DCM, “Source Media”), the Alternative UserID may be any machine readable identifications on the media, such as media serial number, volume label, or DICOMDIR SOP Instance UID.