1. Scope and Field of Application

PS 3.14 specifies a standardized Display Function for display of grayscale images. It provides examples of methods for measuring the Characteristic Curve of a particular Display System for the purpose of either altering the Display System to match the Grayscale Standard Display Function, or for measuring the conformance of a Display System to the Grayscale Standard Display Function. Display Systems include such things as monitors with their associated driving electronics and printers producing films that are placed on light-boxes or alternators.

PS 3.14 is neither a performance nor an image display standard. PS 3.14 does not define which Luminance and/or Luminance Range or optical density range an image presentation device must provide. PS 3.14 does not define how the particular picture element values in a specific imaging modality are to be presented.

PS 3.14 does not specify functions for display of color images, as the specified function is limited to the display of grayscale images. Color Display Systems may be calibrated to the Grayscale Standard Display Function for the purpose of displaying grayscale images. Color images, whether associated with an ICC Profile or not, may be displayed on standardized grayscale displays, but there are no normative requirements for the display of the luminance information in a color image using the GSDF.