ANNEX W (Normative) Email Media

W.1 Email Media

This Media Format defines the interchange of other Media Formats, such as DICOM MIME or ZIP File, using email.

A Standard or Private Application Profile that uses this Email Media Format will specify the selection of the media profile to be transported.

A Standard or Private Application Profile that uses this Email Media Format specifies the MIME encoding requirements, to include:

  1. The content identification to be used,

  2. The attachment file identification to be used,

  3. The disposition to be used,

  4. Subject line content restrictions,

  5. Other restrictions, especially use of MIME compression, encryption, and digital signatures.

Note: Subject lines are often modified automatically, e.g., by the addition of “Re:”. Other routing information such as “for Doctor Fred” is also often included. Automatic and human recognition of the special nature of this email can be improved by requiring that some phrase like “DICOM-ZIP” be part of the subject line.

W.2 Media Interchange Application Entities

W.2.1 Sender of the Email

The sender Application Entity composes an email and sends that email using a standard email transmission protocol.

The sender shall compose an email in compliance with RFCs 2045 and 2046, as a MIME Encoded email. RFC 2046 defines both MIME encoding and the mechanisms to be used for breaking up the email message if it is too large for the email system to send as a single email. The sender may request delivery acknowledgement and problem notification in accordance with RFCs 3464 and 3798, but shall be prepared for email recipients that do not implement RFCs 3464 and 3798. The sender shall send the email by means of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 2821).

Note: The sender Application Entity does not need to be a single software program. For example, the attachment file may be created independently and then a generic email program used to manage attaching the file and sending the email.

W.2.2 Recipient of the Email

The recipient Application Entity shall be able to receive an email by means of one or more of POP3 (RFC 1939), IMAP4 (RFC 3501), or SMTP (RFC 2821), and extract the attachment specified in the Application Profile. The recipient shall comply with RFC 2046, and may comply with RFCs 3464 and 3798.