V.1.1 DICOM File-set

One and only one DICOM File-set shall be contained in a ZIP File archive.

Each DICOM SOP Instance shall be encoded in accordance with the rules in PS 3.10.

Note: A ZIP File may contain files that are not referenced by the DICOMDIR, and which may be ignored by the DICOM application.

V.1.2 DICOM File ID Mapping

The ZIP encoding preserves the hierarchical structure for directories and files within directories. Each volume has a root directory that may contain references to both files and subdirectories. Subdirectories may contain reference to both files and other subdirectories.

V.1.2.1 File ID

PS 3.10 defines a DICOM File ID Component as a string of 8 characters from a subset of the G0 repertoire of ISO 8859.

Note: The use of long filenames is prohibited.

Filename extensions are not used in DICOM File ID Components, hence a File Identifier shall not contain a File Extension or the '.' that would precede such a File Extension.

The maximum number of levels of a pathname in a ZIP file-set shall be at most 8 levels, to comply with the definition of a DICOM File-set in PS 3.10.


One and only one DICOMDIR File shall be present. The DICOMDIR shall be at the root directory of the File-set.

Note: The reason for the DICOMDIR is to serve as a manifest so that the recipient knows the full list of instances intended to be sent.