Annex M (Normative) 130 mm 4.1GB Magneto-Optical Disk

M.1 DICOM mapping to Media Formats

Only one DICOM File-set shall be stored onto each side of a single 130 mm disk.

M.2 Media Formats

The media format comprises two distinct components:

a. The Recording format, which addresses magnetic recording, track definition, sector headers, etc.

b. The Logical format, which addresses the organization of the data portion of sectors to support semantics of the file system.

M.2.1 Recording Format

The low level formatting shall be done using the ISO/IEC 15286:1999 standard. The Secondary Defect List shall be used.

M.2.2 Logical Format

The Logical Format for the 130 mm 4.1GB disk shall be the PC File System (see Annex A).

The boot sector defined in Annex A shall have the following values.

Table M.2-1

Boot Parameter Values for 130mm 4.1GB Magneto-Optical Disk

Byte(s) Value Description
11 – 12 0200H 512 bytes/sector
13 40H or 80H Sectors / cluster, either 64 or 128. See Note.
21 F8H Flag for disk type F8H = Hard Disk.
24 - 25 003EH (Nominal) Nominally 62 sectors/track, but may vary, and any value should not affect interoperability.
26 - 27 0001H (Nominal) Nominally 1 head, but may vary, and any value should not affect interoperability.

Note: Lower values would not utilize all the disk sectors on a side.


The physical media shall be the 130 mm Magneto-Optical Re-writable Disk with 512 bytes per sector. It shall be compatible with the standard defined in the ISO/IEC 15286:1999 Data Interchange on 130mm Optical Disk Cartridges - Capacity 5.2GB Per Cartridge standard.

Note: The 4.1GB nomenclature refers to the capacity when formatted with 512 bytes per sector compared to the 5.2 GB nomenclature when formatted with 1024 bytes per sector.