A.1.2 File ID Mapping

The PC File System provides a hierarchical structure for directories and files within directories. Each structure has a root directory that may contain references to both files and subdirectories. Subdirectories may contain references to both files and other subdirectories. The nomenclature for referring to files and directories in the PC File System is:

a) \ – For the root directory

b) \filename – For a file in the root directory

c) \subdir\filename – For a file in the subdirectory subdir

The PC File System name corresponding to a File ID shall be the DICOM File ID prefixed with the character "\", with the "\" character separating File ID components.

Note: Example File ID mappings

File ID PC File system name

The DICOMDIR file shall be in the root directory for media that do not support multiple file-sets on a single medium. DICOMDIR location is described for the multiple file-set situation in the annex for such media.

Note: It is recommended but not required that the File-set Descriptor File ID (0004,1141) be "README" (see PS 3.10).