4 Symbols and abbreviations

The following symbols and abbreviations are used in this part of the standard.

ACR American College of Radiology

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

BD Blu-ray Disc TM

BD-RE Blu-ray Disc TM Rewritable

BD-R Blu-ray Disc TM Recordable

CD Compact Disk

CD-R Compact Disc – Recordable

CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only

CD-RW Compact Disk - Rewritable

CD-WO Compact Disc – Write Once

CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation

CF Compact Flash card

DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

DIS Draft International Standard

DVD A trademark of the DVD Forum that is not an abbreviation

DVD-R DVD Recordable

DVD-RAM DVD-Random Access

DVD-ROM DVD Read-Only Memory

DVD-RW DVD Rewritable

DVD+R DVD Plus Recordable

DVD+RW DVD Plus Rewritable

ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association

HL7 Health Level 7

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IMAP4 Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4

ISO International Standards Organization

IS&C Image Save and Carry

JIRA Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MMC Multimedia Card

NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association

OSTA Optical Storage Technology Association

POP3 Post Office Protocol - Version 3

SD Secure Digital card

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

UDF Universal Disk Format

UID Unique Identifier

USB Universal Serial Bus