M.2.1.3 File Set Updater

The role of File Set Updater is used by Application Entities that receive a transferred File Set under this Interchange Class of Application Profiles and update it by the addition (or deletion) of images or information to (or from) the medium. Typical entities using this role would include image generating systems and workstations that process or modify images.

File Set Updaters shall be able to generate one or more of the SOP Instances defined for this Application Profile, for which a Conformance Statement is made, and to read and update the DICOMDIR file.

An FSU shall offer the ability to finalize the physical volume at the completion of the most recent write session (no additional information can be subsequently added to the volume), if supported by the media and file system specified in the profile.

Note: If the volume has not been finalized, the File Set Updater will be able to update information assuming there is enough space on the volume to write a new DICOMDIR file, the information, and the fundamental volume control structures. Volume control structures are the structures that are inherent to the standards of the physical volume, see PS 3.12.