L.3.1 STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL Abstract and Transfer Syntaxes

Applications interchanging data under the STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL profiles shall support the Information Object Definitions (IOD) and Transfer Syntaxes for the Media Storage SOP Class specified in Table L.3-1.

Table L.3-1

STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes

Information Object Definition Service Object Pair Class UID Transfer Syntax and UID FSC Requirement FSR Requirement
Basic Directory 1.2.840.10008.1.3.10 Explicit VR Little Endian Uncompressed 1.2.840.10008.1.2.1 Mandatory Mandatory
Composite Image & Stand-alone Storage Refer to: PS 3.4 for SOPs UID definitions Defined in Conformance Statement Defined in Conformance Statement Defined in Conformance Statement

Equipment claiming conformance to these Application Profiles shall list the subset of Media Storage SOP Classes and transfer syntaxes that it supports in its Conformance Statement.

L.3.2 Medium Format

The STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL application profiles shall use the ZIP File Media interchanged using the Email Media format as defined in PS3.12. This Email media shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. The content shall be identified as: Content-Type: application/zip

  2. The attachment shall be identified as: id="DICOM.ZIP"; name="DICOM.ZIP"

  3. The disposition shall be: Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="DICOM.ZIP"

  4. The email shall not be compressed.

  5. The subject line shall contain the phrase: DICOM-ZIP

Note: An additional content type, file extension and file name may be defined by the Standard in the future to accomodate a DICOM specific zip file.

L.3.3 Directory Information in DICOMDIR

The Directory shall include Directory Records of PATIENT, STUDY, SERIES, IMAGE corresponding to the information object files in the File Set. All DICOM files in the File Set incorporating SOP Instances (Information Objects) defined for the specific Application Profile shall be referenced by Directory Records.

Note: 1. DICOMDIRs with no directory information are not allowed by these Application Profiles.

There may only be one DICOMDIR file per File Set. The Patient ID at the patient level shall be unique for each patient directory record in one File Set.

L.3.3.1 Additional Keys

No additional keys are specified.

L.3.4 Secure Transport

The Email Media interchange under the STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL profile shall use the Secure Use of Email Transport profile specified in PS3.15.